Registration and Horse Recording for Show Year 2020 is now open. 


2.1e Duties of the Show Secretary

The show secretary is responsible for:

  1. Complete the Post Competition Show Report Form and mail with results, membership forms and horse recordings to AHJA point secretary.
  2. Compile and send results of the show (Results must include Horse Name, Rider Name, Owner Name, placings through 6th in all classes and through 12th in Classsics and Grand Prix's, and money won in jumper classes. Results must be submitted in AHJA approved format (see website for proper form). If submitted in any other format, a $25/day processing fee will be charged.
  3. Submit, with results, all Mandatory AHJA Fees (Rule 2.1c)
  4. Submit a numerical list of entries
  5. Items 1-4 above must be received by the AHJA Point Secretary within 10 working days of the completion of the competition.
  6. Maintain all show records, class sheets, judges' card and results from the show for a period of 1 year to ensure proper pointing. These records should be immediately available to the AHJA point secretary during this time should a question arise.