4.3 Category 2 Medals Champion

4.3a At the end of the year, the top 8 point earners in the Category 2 Children's and Adult Medal Standings will receive awards at the AHJA Banquet.

4.3b AHJA reserves the right to hold a category 2 Medals Final class to be held during the AHJA Category 1 Medal Finals or at a show of the Board of Directors choosing. This class will be a 1 round format with a work off of the top 4 highest scoring riders. The work off may be on the flat or using tests 1-8. Riders who have accrued a minimum of 6 points in their respective medal will be eligible.  This class will receive double points toward the High Score Medal Rider Award.

4.3b If a Category 2 Medals Finals class is offered, the trainer of each rider competing must be either a AHJA Category 1 or 2 member in good standing.