Registration and Horse Recording for Show Year 2020 is now open. 


4.3 Category 2 Medals Finals

4.3 Category 2 Medals Champion

4.3a At the end of the year, the top 8 point earners in the Category 2 Children’s  and Adult Medal Standings will receive awards at the AHJA Banquet,

4.3b AHJA reserves the right to hold a Category 2 Medals Final class to be held during the AHJA Category 1 Medal Finals or at a show of the Board of

Directors choosing. This class will be a 1 round format with a work off of the top 4 highest scoring riders. The work off may be on the flat or using tests 1-8.

Riders who have accrued a minimum of 6 points in their respective medal will beeligible. This class will receive double points toward the High Score Medal Rider Award.

1. The trainer of each rider competing must be either an AHJA Category 1 or 2 member in good standing.

2. All riders must be either Category 1 or Category 2 members.

3. Any rider who has ever competed in any Category 1 Medal Finals, National Medal Finals, Regional or Zone Medal Finals is ineligible to compete in a AHJA Category 2 Medal Finals.

4. Each year, the AHJA Board of directors shall determine the location and format of the Category 2 Medal Finals. Should the Category 2 Medal Finals be held after November 30, all riders will retain the status they had during the qualifying period.

5. Judge(s) for Category 2 Medal Finals must be approved by the current AHJA Board of Directors and must be licensed with a minimum of a USEF “r” judge’s card in Hunter Seat Equitation or specially approved by the AHJA Board of Directors.

6. Riders must accrue 6 points in qualifying classes to be eligible for the Category 2 Medals Finals.