All 2020 show results published, members have until December 6th to dispute points. 


Important 2020 Medal Finals Standings Information

MEDAL FINALS RIDERS -- please check the AHJA website ( to see if you're qualified for the AHJA Medal Finals, coming up next Friday, November 6th, at the Tucson Fall Classic horse show.

Go to the Standings page, then look down the list of classes on the left side and click on your medal class (AHJA 3'3" Junior/Amateur Medal, AHJA 3'0" Adult Medal, AHJA 3'0" Children's Medal, AHJA 2'6" Silver Stirrup Medal, AHJA 2'6" Mini Medal/Maclay).

  • If your name is on the list with "Qualified" next to it, you're good to go for the Medal Finals.
  • If you're listed as "Superseded," you qualified for a higher level medal and must show in that one (for example, Children's Medal at 3' instead of Mini Medal at 2'6").
  • If you're listed as "Membership Expired," you have to join AHJA (you can do that on the webpage) before you can compete at Medal Finals.
  • If you think you should be on a list as Qualified, please go to the Contact page and send a message. Our point keeper will check your status and let you know.

And PLEASE REMEMBER -- your trainer at Medal Finals must be an AHJA member. Trainers can also join on the AHJA webpage. Hope to see you at the AHJA Medal Finals!