Unclaimed Ribbons & Prizes from the AHJA Awards Banquet

AHJA members:  If your name is on this list, you have ribbons and prizes that were unclaimed at the Awards Banquet in January.  I'll have these at both the HITS shows in Tucson and the CEP shows in Scottsdale.  If you'll let me know when you plan to show, or when your trainer will be at the shows, she will get them to you.  betsy.checchia@gmail.com.

Katrina Ager (ribbon) (Lof)

Meg Ainley (ribbon) (Dolan)

Patricia Beary (ribbon)

Reagan Byrum (ribbons and chair)

Nancy Cooper (ribbon) (Lof)

Madeline Cottrell (ribbon) (Coates)

Emily Dolan (ribbons and chair) (Dolan)

Kendall Dolan (ribbons and chair) (Dolan)

Makena Dyer (ribbon) (Coates)

Nia Edwards (ribbon)

Sophia Erickson (ribbon)

Kristen Gorman (ribbon)

Carol Hensell (ribbon)

Victoria Holdenbach

Caroline Keating (ribbon) (Lof)

Taylor McLelland (ribbon)

Amanda Mozes (ribbons and chair)

Ali Nitti (ribbon and scrim sheet) (Warner)

Allison O'Neill (ribbons and chair) (Dolan)

Margaret O'Neill (ribbon)

Sherman Scurry (ribbons)

Megan Sellier (ribbons and chair)

Donna Spittler (ribbon)

Lily Stakes (ribbons)

Olivia Stordahl (ribbons) 

Ava Todd (ribbons)

Melissa Watt (ribbons)