1.6 Change of Horse Name, Ownership, Owner, Member Name or Other Information

1.6a Changes of a Horse Name must be reported to AHJA within 10 working days of the conclusion of the show. Name changes must be on the appropriate form. There is a $10 for changing the name of a recorded horse.  This fee must accompany the name change application.

1.6b A transfer of ownership must be recorded with AHJA. If both the previous owner and the new owner are current AHJA members, all points will transfer to the new owner of record. If the new owner is not a a member of AHJA, all accruied points shall remain in the name of the previous owner.  There is a $10 fee for an owner change.

1.6c Change of name of a member must be recorded with AHJA within 10 working days of the close of a horse show. There is no charge for a member name change.