Frequently Asked Questions

How are board members selected?
Per the AHJA Bylaws, Board members may either be elected in a general election or appointed by the current Board of Directors. Serving on the board is a volunteer position.

Where can I find the meeting minutes?
Meeting minutes are sent to current board members after each meeting and are kept on file with the current Secretary. An AHJA member in good standing may request a copy of the minutes from the secretary.

Can anyone attend the meetings?
Anyone may request to attend a meeting and ask to be put on the agenda if they have an item for discussion.

Is there a general membership meeting?
The general membership meeting is the AHJA annual banquet held each year in January.

How are rule changes made?
Rule change proposals may be submitted by the posted deadline each year, which is generally the end of summer. Rules change proposals are then discussed at a subsequent meeting and voted on by the Board of Directors.

Where can I find the bylaws?
The AHJA Bylaws are on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission

How can I get involved with AHJA?
Contact any Board member to let us know you would like to be involved with the organization.

What does AHJA do for its members/why should I join?
Member benefits include being able to participate in the Year End Awards program, being able to participate in the AHJA Medal Finals, eligibility to participate in the discounted AHJA/ USHJA clinic, and a listing in the Trainer Directory for professional members.

Can I ride in an AHJA Medal class if I am not a member?
The AHJA medal classes are open to all riders and it is not necessary to be a member in order to ride in the class; however ONLY members will receive points towards qualifying for the Medal Finals. Only members may ride in the Medal Finals.

How can I find out what my AHJA membership number is?
An alphabetized list of members, plus their membership number, is available on the website under Members.